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    For the last few weeks I’ve been taking photos of myself right after rolling out of my bed in the morning or after a nap. It started out at first as more of a self appreciation project, where i could learn to be more comfortable in my skin and in front of the camera. I wasn’t sure what it would turn into, but this is the final product and I’m quite happy about it.

    digital photo with color film photo overlay via photoshop

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    Gravity paid a visit to my heart today

    Gravity paid a visit to my heart today

    i wish it would stay away…

    it seems like just the other day

    we flew away to our home

    in the air

    in the morning

    upon the mists of may

    but these jealous tides have swept you away

    to a distant shore

    another hour

    another day

    through the winter nights my sanity has gone astray

    my blissful eyes have teardroped into the bay

    the ocean

    pushing you further and further

    to a captive land a place where my heart shall stay

    am I a fool to feel this way?

    or is it just the price I pay

    for holding you captive in my fragile heart?

    for giving you wounds to mend and deep scars to hide away?

    my heart not half as strong as yours you have protected endlessly

    but your own heart

    so beautiful so kind

    has withered away

    growing more fragile in time, day by day

    I miss our home in the air

    in the mourning…

    upon the mists of may

    your voice filling the air of every precious day

    but inside I know these Jealous tides have taken you away

    to a fertile ground

    where you will love


    and stay

    to take back every thoughtless day

    which this heart of yours it has chiseled away

    but all the while I will stay across these distant seas

    with skies that stretch on endlessly

    to watch you grow on wonderfully

    into the radiant person I know you’ll be

    and hoping for, possibly, that somehow it will bee

    truly the same for me

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    The Silence of the Moment HDR on Flickr.
  5. 2 years ago 
    Memories HDR on Flickr.

    Memories HDR on Flickr.

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    Welcome to Paradise HDR on Flickr.
  7. 2 years ago 
    River of Dreams on Flickr.

    River of Dreams on Flickr.

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    Blue Period on Flickr.

    Blue Period on Flickr.

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